Browse our collection of luxury silicone sex doll torsos and lifelike silicone masterbaters.  Lifelike sex doll torsos are a great way to get the sex doll experience without the storage and lifting requirements that a full-size doll requires.  Sex dolls torsos and masterbaters can be discreetly stored, and easily carried.

Our silicone vaginas and asses are the perfect entry-level sex toy for a man that want’s to maximizing his experience but minimize the impact on his wallet.  The sex openings are modeled and textured to feel exactly like a real woman.  In addition their size makes these male sex toys very easy to clean, whether you do it in the sink, in the shower, or else where.

All products on this page are handmade at our facility in Shenzhen.  The material is platinum treated which eliminates the plastic smell that plagues other silicone sex toys.  We offer free-shipping express shipping by air on all orders, usually FedEx.

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